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We are the leaders in digital connection and distribution, retail and wholesalers for Health & Wellness Sports Equipment products throughout the Caribbean Market.

Boosting Growth, prosperity, and inclusion through connecting the Caribbean Market with digitally logistically solutions.

We offer professional assistance to help you through the process of purchasing high-quality products globally.

We serve as a strategic adviser for SMEs Small and Medium-sized Enterprises as they seek to improve their connection supply chain and optimize their operations with e-commerce digital corporations in the global trade market.

Our Business,

Assisting professionals and organizations to grow and achieve extraordinary results.


Getting a good factory supplier is never being so easy as nowadays. Internet tools like Google, Alibaba, and Global Sources have brought countless factories in most islands in the Caribbean Market closer

1. Good Communication

We understand the different cultures, different languages, and different ways of thinking modes, we know that most factories always focus on manufacturing, so there is no sales department to attend to your after-sales needs, Fitness Warehouse Enterprise works directly with the factory they provide us with unbeatable price and high-quality control products. We are always in direct communication with the factories in China.

2. Professional services

Professional services and a good understanding of the international trading rules and the knowledge of market quality and regulations of the various factories shown below.


Connecting Caribbean Businesses Globally


eworld-5.jpg china-quailty-control.png






Small & Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent 99% of all businesses in the Caribbean Market. The definition of SMEs is important for supporting business programs specifically targeted at this Market.

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